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Hyperspace – Sandy Petersen Goes to Outer Space
article by Kick.Agency [2019-02-11]
Gaming industry has plenty of living legends, but few can boast such amount and diversity of finished projects as Sandy Petersen. Some of you know him as the designer of Call of Cthulhu RPG. Others recognize the guy from his video game contributions to all time classics like Civilization, Doom or Age of Empires. Lately, he’s been putting more focus on creating tabletop games, and on Kickstarter we’ve already seen titles like Cthulhu Wars, Orcs Must Die or Planet Apocalypse.

Hyperspace, Petersen’s newest title, will take you to dangerous outer space as a colonizer who’s trying to expand an empire and achieve glory. What makes it innovative?

A project in Rockwall, TX by Sandy Petersen
TabletopSci-fiDiceMiniatures4XArea Control

An asymmetric 4X game from award winning designer Sandy Petersen

Duration: 2019/01/29 - 2019/02/22 (23 days)

Ending: 64 hours

Today's Backers: +11

Last Updated: 38 min

Today's Pledges: +1,383 USD

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak – an Assymetric Game Charms Kickstarter
article by Kick.Agency [2019-02-11]
Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak managed to get tons of backers on Kickstarter. People were rather quiet about the game before the campaign began, but Skybound Games needed only about an hour to get it funded. What made their tabletop creation so popular?

One Against All

All players but one, play the game as heroes, wandering the world while looking for ancient shrines. Finding them is the only way to stop an evil wizard called Mordak.

Mordak is the character, that the final player plays as. He’s got the task of defeating all intruders and achieving final, limitless power!

So: we’re dealing with an assymetrical game, which sadly eliminates the ability to play solo. At least for now, as the creators are promising lots of expansions, and they may contain not only the solo variant, but a co-op one as well.

The world, where we’ll have to fight, consists of 25 locations placed in a somewhat random manner. Heroes will traverse them, discover new places, find treasures… or enemies. Revealed servants of evil become controlled by Mordak. Heroes fight them using dice, same with casting one-use spells.

Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak
Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Skybound Games

Roast the world as the Evil Wizard, or band together and drop the hammer of justice in this zany RPG board game for 2-6 players!

Duration: 2019/01/22 - 2019/02/16 (24 days)

article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-28]
You probably know how much I love solo modes, especially after announcing the Tentaccolade for the game of the year. Tangled Timelines is a card game, that has popped up on Kickstarter this week, and despite being described mainly as a multiplayer game, solo mode was what drew me in.

Thankfully, the author did what most creators should do to attract backers. He used Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. Allowing people to test the game quickly and see that it’s fun is one of the best practices in the Kickstarter tabletop community. Now here I am, after testing the game, and checking out the official livestream. So how is it?

Basic Info

Tangled Timelines takes you to the world, where time travel is possible, but as a result many heroes from different timelines get mixed up and need rescuing. This may often include helping their past and future selves: kind of what we’ve seen in Back to the Future movies. Colorful theme mixed with time travel also reminds me of the Re: Zero anime series, which I totally adore. Now before we begin talking about solo mode, a few words about the…

Tangled Timelines
Tangled Timelines
A project in Aurora, CO by Daniel Zayas
TabletopCard GameFantasySci-fiCardsPlayer EliminationSet Collection

A $13 time-travel game of heroic sacrifice. Explore the set-collection genre in a modern way.

Duration: 2019/01/22 - 2019/02/09 (17 days)

Newspeak – Turn Your Friday Party Into a Dystopia in 30 minutes!
article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-23]
Newspeak is a tabletop game, that presents a dark, yet depressingly realistic future, where Orwell’s vision from ”1984” became real thanks to smartphones, Augmented Reality and social media.

People track each other and know almost everything about all living beings around them. Everyone is being watched by everyone and there’s barely any way to stay safe… Unless you know a thing or 2 about hacking and feel brave enough to try breaking the system.

Newspeak takes inspiration not only from the classic book about the Big Brother, but also pop culture pieces like Mr. Robot and Black Mirror – all known for their hopeless depictions of the world, that might await us.

A project in London, UK by Inside the Box Board Games
TabletopFantasyArea ControlBluffingDeductionReal-time

Coordinate the revolution or suppress dissent in this immersive code-breaking team game of subterfuge and subversion for 3-6 citizens.

Duration: 2019/01/20 - 2019/02/12 (22 days)

Suburbia Collector’s Edition – an Amazing Rerelease
article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-22]
Suburbia is a well known board game, that’s only few spots away from BBG’s Top 100 list (sitting at 103 right now). The game has already had two bigger, and two smaller expansions released. Now, Bezier Games has a real treat for all fans of the title. A special Collector’s Edition that includes all the released elements and… adds many more!


The first edition of Suburbia got released back in 2012. Each player is building his own city, adding building tiles to his own starting board. These are bought from the market and available to everyone. Constructions increase population and income, while additionally affecting neighboring tiles. For example: residential buildings near parks are a great idea, but locating them close to factories/airports might be a bad move.

Suburbia Collector s Edition
Suburbia Collector's Edition
A project in Knoxville, TN by Bezier Games
TabletopEconomicCardsTilesCard DraftingCity Building

A special collector's edition of the city-building board game Suburbia with new art, premium components, and a new expansion.

Duration: 2019/01/14 - 2019/02/13 (29 days)

Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum – Witches Invade!
article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-22]
Parallel universe called Neemoss is merging with ours, and slowly pouring its armies of monstrosities into an innocent, unsuspecting lands. Deformed beasts and Witches who command them start lurking in the shadows, sharpening their fangs and claws, ready to dine. The only people able to stop them are local village heroes and brawlers armed with swords, crossbows and having a very limited knowledge of their otherworldly enemy.

Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum has popped up on Kickstarter just 2 days ago and is shaping up to be a major title of January. DG Games must really like horror and monster hunting themes, as their second offering is heading in a direction similar to Vampire Hunters from 2016. Don’t get fooled though, as even while the theme might sound familiar, the mechanics and your goals are almost the polar opposite.

Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum
Dark Rituals: Malleus Maleficarum
A project in New Castle, DE by Dark Gate Games

1-4 Heroes battle the Witch Master in this miniatures based board game set in a magic infused Middle Ages realm.

Duration: 2019/01/15 - 2019/02/13 (28 days)

Western Legends: Ante Up! – Frist Huge Expansion is Getting Kickstarted!
article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-15]
Saloons, duels at noon and endless horseback rides through the prairie – it’s only a small part of dreams dreamt by anone, who wanted to become a cowboy as a kid. Western Legends promises to fulfill at least some of these dreams, and the Ante Up! expansion, that just started getting crowdfunded on Kickstarter, will let you become the real legend of the Wild West!

Western Legends

Western Legends was made into reality thanks to its successful KS campaign in 2018. Over 6700 board game fans have decided, that it’s their best chance to become the cowboy, they always wanted to be. That resulted in $568.000 being pledged to Kolossal Games.

Western Legends: Ante Up!
Western Legends: Ante Up!
A project in Indianapolis, IN by Kolossal Games
TabletopExpansion for Base - GameStrategyAmerican WestCardsMiniaturesArea ControlBetting/Wagering

Western Legends: Ante Up is the first big box expansion to the hit sandbox game Western Legends!

Duration: 2019/01/10 - 2019/01/24 (13 days)

AVGhost – a Game You Play When it Gets Dark
article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-11]
Last week we’ve announced our Tentaccolade winners, including the most unique game component awards. Few days pass, and suddenly there is a game, that will almost surely end up nominated for the same title in 2019. Meet AVGhost Paranormal Investigation, created by a Spanish team called Mystical Games.

X-Files in the 70s

The setting could be described as X-Files mixed with Ghost Busters, and a heavy dose of the 70s atmosphere. Occult cases solved by a bunch of inspectors, working in a special agency. Our heroes track paranormal activities happening in their nearby area, and try to understand the mysteries surrounding them.

AVGhost Paranormal Investigation
AVGhost Paranormal Investigation
A project in Madrid, Spain by MysticalGames

Horror investigation experience. A board game played in the dark.

Duration: 2019/01/07 - 2019/01/28 (20 days)

Nocturion – Dice and Royal Conflict in a Grim Fantasy World
article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-09]
Nocturion is a new game by Vesuvius Media, known for the successful Kickstarter campaigns related to their Dwar7s tabletop game series. This time however, they’ve picked a much darker theme for their campaign, and… managed do collect over 500% of the initial goal already.


Nocturion is a worker placement game, and the workers are represented by dice. Players take on the roles of heads of noble houses, that have to take the future of a realm called Evergreen into their own hands. They’re tasked with completing quests, creating an army, and fining lost, legendary heirlooms.

A project in Halifax, Canada by Vesuvius Media Ltd
TabletopWorker PlacementDiceCardsFantasy

A Dark Fantasy, dice rolling, worker placement and resource management game for 2 to 4 players.

Duration: 2018/12/27 - 2019/01/16 (19 days)

article by Kick.Agency [2019-01-03]
Chai is a new Kickstarter project that will take you to the aromatic world of tea. The game is not revolutionary, but can be a great gateway game for many tabletop gaming newbies. Tea itself is most likely among the most popular drinks on earth, and colorful, easy-to-learn games work best with almost every group of new people. And that’s what Chai seems to go for.

The World of Tea

Chai will let players take on the role of tea brewers, who have to do everything they can, to make their drinks as delicious and aromatic as possible, to satisfy their clients. That’s the only way to gain rewards and money, that will allow you to win the game.

☕️ Chai—An Immersive Tea Board Game!
☕️ Chai—An Immersive Tea Board Game!
A project in Calgary, Canada by Dan & Connie Kazmaier
TabletopCard GameFamily/KidsEconomicSolo

An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.

Duration: 2018/12/03 - 2019/01/07 (34 days)

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