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Wild Assent – Two Heavy Games in One Box
article by Kick.Agency [2018-10-17]
Recent miniature based games from Kickstarter often fall into two categories: skirmish games and co-op games. Both types are pretty popular, but the latter usually does a bit better when it comes to funding. The game that we want to talk about today merges both of these genres, while adding a solo mode as the icing on the cake. Meet Wild Assent – a project that will become available on Kickstarter in less than 2 weeks.

Hunters and Arenas

The world, where the action of Wild Assent takes place, suffered from lots of painful changes over the past 30 years. King got murdered by an elf called Veraclea and the whole country is under her rule. Malicious elf took a liking to gladiator battles at the arena. She quickly turned it into one of the most important events in the country, even though most nobles and citizens weren’t as excited about it as her.

Wild Assent - Survive the Arena and Tame the Wilds
Wild Assent - Survive the Arena and Tame the Wilds
A project in Herndon, VA by Lazy Squire Games
TabletopAdventureFantasyDiceMiniaturesSoloWorker Placement

A 1-4 player board game with solo/cooperative and PvP game modes, beautiful miniatures and thrilling gameplay.

Duration: 2018/10/16 - 2018/10/30 (14 days)

Ending: 10 days

Today's Backers: -1

Last Updated: 12 min

Today's Pledges: -199 USD

Dwar7s Fall – Collector’s Edition Coming to Kickstarter
article by Kick.Agency [2018-10-10]
Dwar7s is a series of games created by Luís Brüeh, a designer and an artist from Brazil. The franchise is being published by Canadian Vesuvius Media, known mostly for their indie game projects. In October they’re planning a return to Kickstarter, with a new expansion and collector’s edition for Dwar7s Fall. Backers will also get the chance to buy both older core games. So what is the series about?

The Seven Meeple Dwarfs

Fall has come to the kingdom of dwarfs and that can mean only one thing: time to prepare for winter season and all hardships, that come with it. This usually means making lots of food, exchanging gems for food and avoiding becoming monster food yourself.

Getting supplies isn’t your only worry. There are rumors about a certain moody troll wandering around the dwarf settlements. As if you didn’t have enough on your head already…

Dwar7s Fall Collector s Edition
Dwar7s Fall Collector's Edition
A project in Halifax, Canada by Vesuvius Media Ltd
TabletopStrategyFantasyCardsMeeplesArea ControlWorker Placement

The award-winning worker placement game for 2 to 7 players is back with a Collector's Edition, a cool Expansion and a Big Box!

Duration: 2018/10/11 - 2018/10/30 (19 days)

Ending: 9 days

Today's Backers: +4

Last Updated: 12 min

Today's Pledges: +295 USD

Rise to Nobility – Reprint and Expansion Now on Kickstarter
article by Kick.Agency [2018-10-10]
Rise to Nobility is a board game about dice management, funded on Kickstarter in 2017. The game was warmly received by board gamers all over the world. A new campaign has started on October 3th, and backers are able to get their hands on new expansion, while people who missed out on the previous campaign can finally order the core game.

Rise to Nobility managed to collect over $370.000 on Kickstarter. The illustrations were created by Mihajlo “The Mico” Dimitrievski, who’s well-known to tabletop gaming fans. The game also sports a 7.2 score on Board Game Geek which is a pretty neat achievement.

Macedonian Final Frontier Games, known for Cavern Tavern and Robin Hood and the Merry Men, was so happy with the reception of their game, that they’ve decided to upgrade it with a new expansion called Beyond.

Rise to Nobility: Beyond + 2nd print
Rise to Nobility: Beyond + 2nd print
A project in Skopje, Macedonia by Final Frontier Games
TabletopExpansion for Base - GameEconomicFantasyDiceCity Building

Expansion to the highly successful Kickstarter Rise to Nobility.

Duration: 2018/10/03 - 2018/10/23 (20 days)

Ending: 3 days

Today's Backers: +8

Last Updated: 12 min

Today's Pledges: +456 USD

Kickstarter September Retrospective – Unicorns on the Horizon
article by Kick.Agency [2018-10-02]
And finally: the winner of September is… Unstable Unicorns – the second campaign for a party card game filled with lots of rainbows and violence. Tons of cute graphics mixed with unhealthy amount of negative interaction makes for a really unique title, that can destroy friendships like nothing else. The campaign managed to surpass giants like CMON, a licensed IP owned by Sony and its own version from 2017. New expansion adds 2 varied decks called Chaos and Control.

Unstable Unicorns: Control & Chaos (The Backercorn Project)
Unstable Unicorns: Control & Chaos (The Backercorn Project)
A project in St. Louis, MO by Ramy Badie
TabletopCard GamePartyFantasy

Make new friends. Destroy them. Unicorns forever.

Duration: 2018/08/15 - 2018/09/14 (30 days)

Tiny Epic Mechs – Battle Royale With Meeples Riding Giant Mechs
article by Kick.Agency [2018-09-26]
Tiny Epic Mechs is yet another installment in the long running “Tiny Epic” series by Gamelyn Games. So far we’ve seen Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Galaxies, Defenders, Western, Quest and Zombies. Most of these utilize so-called ITEMeeples, classic board game meeples… with attachable gadgets made from plastic. Games from the series are all made to be easy to learn and fit into small, portable boxes.

Tiny Epic Mechs takes place in the fourth millennium, where people fight for fame and glory in a cult sport TV show called M.E.C.H.S..

Program Your Way to Victory

Tiny Epic Mechs belongs to the arena battle royale genre. Instead of dice or generic cards, players use small squares and program the actions of their walking robots. These may include moving in various directions, picking up crates, deploying turret weapons, and powering up. The terrain available to the players is made of tiles and randomized to a degree.

Tiny Epic Mechs - Mechanized Entertainment Combat Heroes
Tiny Epic Mechs - Mechanized Entertainment Combat Heroes
A project in Phoenix, AZ by Gamelyn Games

A fast-paced action-programming game of arena combat featuring a Mech and Power Armors that you'll be putting your ITEMeeples into!

Duration: 2018/09/14 - 2018/10/06 (22 days)

Dark Venture Card Game Coming to Kickstarter in October
article by Kick.Agency [2018-09-19]
Dark Venture is a card game by Gilded Skull Games, a studio that has so far focused on creating games for smart devices. This is going to be their first attempt at making a board game and the preview materials actually look impressive enough to make me consider backing it on launch.

An Unwelcoming Place

Dark Venture takes place in the dystopian setting of Darkgrange – a dangerous and heavily abandoned world, where every corner crawls with deadly mutants brought to life with magic. Each player controls a hero, and tries to complete dangerous tasks, while staying alive. Along the journey you’ll find additional equipment to make you stronger and give better chances at survival.

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Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game Reaches $1,000,000 on Kickstarter
article by Kick.Agency [2018-09-18]
Horizon: Zero Dawn the Board Game is getting closer and closer to becoming the most funded board game of the month. The campaign by Steamforged Games LTD (Dark Souls, Resident Evil 2) has 10 days to beat $2,000,000 collected by Unstable Unicorns.

Wildlife and the Machines

The game takes place in the 31st century, where the civilization has collapsed to ruin. There are only small tribes of people left, while robotic animals, merging Earth’s old fauna with metal and electricity, dominate the planet. Your characters are asked by the Hunter’s Lodge to traverse the wastelands and perform a deadly dangerous task, while managing to survive.

Embarking on a Journey

Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game uses lots of customizable elements, which add plenty of variety and replayability. The board is made of small square areas, that you put together according to what the set-up cards tell you.

Horizon Zero Dawn™ - The Board Game
Horizon Zero Dawn™ - The Board Game
A project in Manchester, UK by Steamforged Games Ltd

Hunt in a distant future where machines roam wild and mankind is no longer the dominant species. In partnership with SIEE and Guerrilla

Duration: 2018/09/06 - 2018/09/28 (22 days)

3 Great Board Game Tables from Kickstarter
article by Kick.Agency [2018-09-13]
Tables are the silent heroes of the board game world. We discuss dice trays, dice towers, card protectors but the table oftens slips our minds. I started noticing how important they are after getting into X-Wing Miniature Game. It turned out my piece of furniture wasn’t wide enough to match game’s requirements of 90x90cm. For a while I had to play it on the floor. Regular board games were also often difficult to set up, especially when playing with more than 2 people.

As it happens, there are 3 Kickstarter campaigns with dedicated board game tables, all running simultaneously right now. Let’s check them out.

The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table

The Jasper is a creation of Chad DeShon, the designer of The Duchess gaming table, that managed to collect whopping $2,592,231 on Kickstarter. Judging from the early data, his newest work is also on its way to break some records.

The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table
The Jasper: A Board Gaming Table
A project in Lenexa, KS by Chad DeShon

Made in the USA by

Duration: 2018/09/11 - 2018/10/12 (31 days)

Valhalla – a Norse Mythology Card Game Finally Coming to Kickstarter
article by Kick.Agency [2018-09-12]
Even though Valhalla might sound like a new name for western audiences, this game actually has a pretty long history. This nordic themed card game is a result of over 1000 days of work of Lukasz Wozniak, better known as “Wookie”, and his faithful team of artists and designers.

The game was the first title funded on, a local Polish platform specializing in crowdfunding board games. Valhalla’s success was immense. Game managed to collect a huge sum in pledges, and got most of Poland’s board game community hyped to no end.

The next step felt pretty obvious for Wookie and his team. If the game is so well liked here, why not let the rest of the world see it?

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Kickstarter August Retrospective – Meeple Dragons Meet Miniature Caverns
article by Kick.Agency [2018-09-05]
August is finally over and so is the summer break, that plenty of KS creators were on since June. Season of second editions and expansions is behind us. Despite what many people expected, there actually were tons of great projects launching in summer.

Today, let’s take a look at another monthly portion of Kickstarter tabletop game campaigns. Welcome to our August retrospective!

Pen & Paper Stronger Than Ever

It’s been a while since we’ve had some big campaigns for pen & paper RPG books. This month however introduced us to two. Both of them attracted thousands of Kickstarter backers.

Your Best Game Ever is a set of resource books for RPG players. It was written by people at Monte Cook Games, who have been selling their pen & paper systems on Kickstarter for over 6 years. The book is filled with advice for game masters and players – from finding a party to creating unforgettable RPG/LARP sessions. Higher pledge options included author’s own Cypher System RPG and a number of resource books introducing new settings – all playable with Cypher.

Your Best Game Ever!
Your Best Game Ever!
A project in Seattle, WA by Monte Cook Games

A tool book for tabletop roleplayers. No matter what game you play or how long you’ve been playing–have your best game ever!

Duration: 2018/07/25 - 2018/08/25 (31 days)

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