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Coin Age -  A PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT area control microgame
Coin Age - A PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT area control microgame
A project in by Michael Mindes

The super portable war/area control game with 2 sided dice (coins). Pay What You Want for delivery anywhere in the world!

End Date: 2013/12/21

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game
A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game
A project in Atlanta, GA by CMON

Lead the Starks or Lannisters into battle using amazing preassembled miniatures based on the characters of the best-selling novels!

Duration: 2017/07/24 - 2017/08/15 (21 days)

Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Tiny Epic Kingdoms
A project in by Gamelyn Games

A 4X/Euro MICROGAME for 2-5 players! Do you have what it takes to create the greatest pocket-sized Kingdom!? Only $16! Pledge NOW!

End Date: 2014/02/08

Zombicide: Season 2
Zombicide: Season 2
A project in by CMON

The follow up to the hit boardgame of 2012! More Zombie action with tons of great miniatures and fast paced rules!

End Date: 2013/03/31

Time of Legends: Destinies
Time of Legends: Destinies
A project in Krakow, Poland by Lucky Duck Games

Narrative, app-driven, RPG-like board game experience like no others!

Duration: 2019/09/23 - 2019/10/16 (22 days)

A project in Perugia, Italy by Tabula Games
TabletopCard GameFantasy

Only 9€ for this fast-paced competitive deck-building card game for two players set in the wonderful universe of Mysthea!

Duration: 2018/10/16 - 2018/11/15 (29 days)

Tidal Blades - Heroes of the Reef
Tidal Blades - Heroes of the Reef
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Druid City Games
TabletopDiceWorker Placement

Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!

Duration: 2018/10/16 - 2018/11/10 (24 days)

Half Truth
Half Truth
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings

A party game by Richard Garfield and Ken Jennings

Duration: 2019/08/21 - 2019/09/20 (29 days)

Wonderland s War
Wonderland's War
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Druid City Games
TabletopCard DraftingFantasyEconomicStrategyWorker Placement

The Looking Glass has shattered, madness is being drained from the inhabitants, and war has come. Who will rule Wonderland?

Duration: 2020/02/10 - 2020/03/04 (22 days)

A project in by Alex Hague

A telepathic party game from the creators of The Mind and Monikers.

Duration: 2019/02/04 - 2019/03/08 (31 days)

It s a Wonderful World Ascension
It's a Wonderful World Ascension
A project in Belleneuve, France by laboitedejeu
TabletopExpansion for Base - GameCard GameEconomicSci-fiCard DraftingCivilizationHand ManagementSet CollectionSoloVariable Powers

The "Ascension" expansion for It's a Wonderful World.

Duration: 2020/01/27 - 2020/02/13 (16 days)

RWBY: Combat Ready
RWBY: Combat Ready
A project in Austin, TX by Rooster Teeth

RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!

Duration: 2017/09/27 - 2017/10/30 (32 days)

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5
Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5
A project in Newark, DE by Mythic Games, Inc.
TabletopWargameFantasyMedievalDiceMiniaturesVariable Powers

The legendary game is back! Relive the golden age of chivalry in this 2-4 player scenario-based board game of medieval battle and myth.

Duration: 2019/09/30 - 2019/10/16 (15 days)

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

Play Harry Dresden & his friends in this tense, strategic co-op card game from Evil Hat, based on Jim Butcher's NYT bestselling novels!

End Date: 2016/05/19

Fantasy Grounds Unity
Fantasy Grounds Unity
A project in Orlando, FL by SmiteWorks

Fantasy Grounds Unity - Help us Launch the RPG Virtual Tabletop of the Future

Duration: 2019/04/30 - 2019/05/30 (29 days)

A project in Oslo, Norway by Bouncyrock

Tale Spire: Pen & Paper RPGs Resculpted Online

Duration: 2019/06/23 - 2019/08/08 (45 days)

More Magic items for 5e: The Griffon s Saddlebag | Book One
More Magic items for 5e: The Griffon's Saddlebag | Book One
A project in Reading, PA by Griffin Macaulay

A 200-page compendium of 365 game-ready, illustrated items and more for 5th edition. Give out better treasure!

Duration: 2020/03/11 - 2020/04/11 (30 days)

Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right
Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right
A project in St. Paul, MN by Patrick Leder

With creatures and cunning, you'll rule a fantastic forest kingdom in the ultimate asymmetric game of adventure and war.

Duration: 2017/10/23 - 2017/11/21 (28 days)

Ghostbusters™: The Board Game
Ghostbusters™: The Board Game
A project in by Cryptozoic Entertainment

EU Friendly. No additional shipping or handling fees will be applied beyond what is calculated when pledging to a tier.

End Date: 2015/03/12

Dawn of Madness
Dawn of Madness
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Diemension Games
TabletopAdventureRPGFightingHorrorSci-fiDiceMiniaturesCo-opHand ManagementSoloVariable Powers

A 1-4 player story-driven cooperative game that is a true mind-shattering horror experience in a board game.

Duration: 2019/11/18 - 2019/12/17 (28 days)

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