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2021 - 2021 1 $60,742 USD 566 $107 USD
We are an international band of game lovers who create deeply immersive and visual narrative RPGs. Our flagship game is the award-winning City of Mist Role-Playing Game. Our team is: ★ Amit Moshe: creator, game designer, art director, and producer ★ Omer Shapira: game producer ★ Garry Harper: operations, fulfillment, and customer support ★ Eran Aviram: editor and game design consultant ★ Manuel Serra Saez: lead City of Mist graphic designer ★ Marcin Soboń: lead City of Mist artist ★ Kevin Carpenter: social media and content creator Son of Oak Game Studio LLC is a registered US company.
A project in Boston, MA by Amít Moshe / Son of Oak Game Studio 1 created

The super sentai LGBTQ-themed tabletop RPG where you fight intolerance with empathy! Based on the "QUEERZ!" manga and City of Mist RPG.

Duration: 2021/09/14 - 2021/10/13 (28 days)

Ending: 20 days

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Today's Pledges: +1,150 USD

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