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2017 - 2020 2 $370,266 USD 7,999 $46 USD
We are Codomo - a Singapore-based education technology company on a mission to deliver delightful educational experiences through technology and design. In 2017 we launched Potato Pirates on Kickstarter. Potato Pirates is a card game that teaches 10 hours of programming in just 30 minutes without any computers! Potato Pirates has been featured on renowned publications like USA Today, Mashable and The Wall Street Journal as one of the best tools for learning STEM. One of the most successful games to come out of Singapore, it has been translated to 27 different languages, and is being distributed worldwide by American publisher Thinkfun. Potato Pirates was awarded the Singapore Good Design Award, Japan Good Design Award and the Core 77 Good Design Award 2018 in the education category.
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