Jacob Wood
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2012 - 2020 4 $12,273 USD 353 $35 USD
What would you do with your life if you lost your vision and your life’s dreams suddenly seemed out of reach? That was the question that plagued me for several years, and it took a lot of soul searching to find the answer. Once a budding young web developer, computer hardware enthusiast, and video game junkie, I began losing my sight in my mid teens and had difficulty adapting. Accessible computer software wasn’t the norm at the time, and as my condition worsened it seemed like I would never get to achieve my life goals. All I had left, it seemed, was tabletop gaming. As more of my time became consumed with games, I realized I was spending a lot of time adapting them for low vision play or struggling with inaccessible PDFs. One day my vision became clear: I would make it my life’s work to design and promote accessible games. I founded the Accessible Games blog in 2010. Its original focus was on reviewing games and focusing on their accessible (or inaccessible) elements. During this time, my wife convinced me to take some of the RPGs I was writing for myself and turn them into something I could share with everyone, and I published Psi-punk in 2013. After publishing my first book, I decided to take what I learned and share it with other designers so they could make their own games more accessible and more inclusive. As I continue to learn and grow, I continue to share that knowledge. My belief is that games are for absolutely everyone. They connect people to one another in meaningful ways by building lasting friendships and strengthening family bonds. They improve cognition, motor skills, and social skills. Most importantly, games have the potential to change lives–and I have first-hand experience with that. Not every game is designed for every person, but I believe every person should have the opportunity to find a game for them.
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