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Hey everybody! My name's Matt Colville and I run MCDM Productions. We’re a small company of ex-video game developers who produce tabletop gaming products and the Youtube series "Running the Game"! Our first Kickstarter campaign was to create Strongholds & Followers, a supplement for 5th edition, and our most recent Kickstarter was successfully funded to develop the follow-up book, Kingdoms & Warfare. I’m the author of my Ratcatchers novel series and the Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins I comic. I was the lead writer on Evolve and I was the lead writer AND a designer on Mercenaries. But before ALL THAT, I was a designer in the tabletop business. I was a designer on the original Dune CCG and RPG. I worked on the Star Trek RPG (I did the starship combat rules for this one) and I worked on several third party books for 3rd edition — I wrote a whole monster book! And I designed a mass-combat and nation-building ruleset for 3rd edition. I designed the official Knights of the Dinner Table card game and the Red Alert! Star Trek starship combat game. Those were both tons of fun. Thanks for stopping by. Peace... Out!
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