Post Scriptum
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2016 - 2020 3 $258,307 USD 3,124 $83 USD
Post Scriptum is an Italian game publisher since 2005. We are first and foremost avid players and valuable playtesters. Our first focus is on product development, both in terms of materials and graphics and of rules, crafted with obsessive precision; this is the reason why our games are distributed and appreciated worldwide. In 2016, we acquired the Placentia Games brand, which is now the label for our most challenging eurogames. We put the utmost professionalism in our job and we always choose the best quality for our components, both for the products from our own catalog and for the promotional games we realize for other companies and associations. In these years we published more than 70 games. Shogun no Katana is our 3rd Kickstarter campaign.
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