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Absolute Dominion Entertainment was established in 2009 on the premise that every game should be a testament to what makes gaming great – Having Fun! With our team of amazing talent combined with our vast gaming knowledge and experience, we passionately strive to achieve this goal. Thanks to everyone who has helped make our dream into a reality. Reign of Nations is the first of many planned board games we have in store for you. Prepare to immerse yourself into the Reign of Nations universe.
Reign of Nations
Reign of Nations
A project in Sacramento, CA by Absolute Dominion Entertainment
TabletopAdventureWargameFantasyFightingSci-fiZombie-ThemedDiceMiniaturesHand ManagementVariable Powers

Expect the unexpected in this epic 2 through 7 player miniatures board game of planetary domination!

Duration: 2019/12/02 - 2020/01/04 (32 days)

Ending: 21 days

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