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2019 - 2019 1 $543,608 USD 4,949 $110 USD
ALBE PAVO is a game design studio born from the hobby of three friends: Matteo, Jocularis, and Gomez. After many years of amateur game design, Gomez passed away due to a sudden and terrible illness. So we decided to honor his memory through independent publication, in the hopes of producing and spreading the many projects which we worked on together. The mission of ALBE PAVO is to create and produce board games that are designed to be new and ambitious! Since its inception in 2011, ALBE PAVO has released MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria, Sake & Samurai, Beer & Vikings, and Winter Tales, which has been published worldwide by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES. At the moment we are working on some other incredibly crazy projects.
CARNIVAL ZOMBIE - Second Edition
CARNIVAL ZOMBIE - Second Edition
A project in Lodi, Italy by Albe Pavo
TabletopSoloCo-opMiniaturesZombie-ThemedHorrorVariable Powers

After the acclaimed 1st Edition, the awaited cooperative is here! Tons of new content! Massive replayability! Ready for the challenge?

Duration: 2019/03/18 - 2019/04/18 (30 days)

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