Andrew J. Smith
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2016 - 2019 3 $67,898 USD 1,829 $37 USD
I'm a mechanical engineer for a living and a gamer for life. I enjoy theater and building things. I have a passion for game design. I'm currently focused on making "higher level" gaming more accessible by developing and producing gateway games with simplified mechanics. I have successfully Kickstarted two board games so far: Tricky Tides (2018) and Honey Wars (2016).
A project in by Andrew J. Smith

Create the most beautiful koi pond! A peaceful tile-laying game for 1-4 players by Danny Devine.

Duration: 2019/10/21 - 2019/11/15 (24 days)

Tricky Tides
Tricky Tides
A project in Atlanta, GA by Andrew J. Smith

Sail your merchant ship between islands, delivering goods to earn the most gold! A game by an award-winning designer for 2-4 players.

Duration: 2018/05/01 - 2018/05/31 (29 days)

Honey Wars : The Award-Winning Game About Bees!
Honey Wars : The Award-Winning Game About Bees!
A project in by Andrew J. Smith

Victory never tasted so sweet! An easy-to-learn card game for 2-4 people. Defend your hives, harvest honey and WIN THE WAR!

End Date: 2016/03/31

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