Bert Verwaest
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I used to work as an Art Director for a Production Company doing brand designs for media corporations. Leading a small team of designers, animators and web developers to build anything from a full corporate identity to doing short motion graphic commercials. In my spare time, however, I kept busy trying to build my own illustrative brand, creating fantasy art for popular tabletop games as Crosshead. When combining the two started becoming rather difficult, I decided to take a shot in the dark and focus more time on my passion projects. Delving deeper and deeper into the online community, in an effort to find ways to build something bigger than just a platform for my own creations. Breathing life into Dungeon Draw, a platform that would combine my former position and allow me to spend more time making art seemed like a logical next step. In hopes of collaborating more with other creators of our community and building a platform for us to share our creations.
Dungeon Draw | RPG Cards
Dungeon Draw | RPG Cards
A project in Antwerp, Belgium by Bert Verwaest 1 created

Website for creating and printing RPG reference cards including 6 premade Decks with 400 cards by a collection of Fantasy Artists

Duration: 2019/11/18 - 2019/12/19 (30 days)

*** Cancelled ***

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