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2020 - 2020 1 $4,471 USD 32 $140 USD
Biliztik Sports Inc. began with a few friends and the desire to show one another who knew more about sports.  Each one believed that they knew what would happen next in the game on TV better than the other.  The competition was fierce but proof of dominance from all proved elusive.  As the competition grew a need to determine once and for all who was the best was the spark to create a new, unique and innovative series of board games.  Biliztik Sports Hockey, Baseball and Football games are played while watching live games on the TV, the better you are at predicting what will happen next, the quicker you advance across the board.  Prove to your friends who knows sports the best. THE GAME WITHIN THE GAME.
Biliztik Sports Board Games (Hockey, Football, Baseball)
Biliztik Sports Board Games (Hockey, Football, Baseball)
A project in St. Marys, Canada by Biliztik Sports Inc.

Interactive Sports Board Games that you play with the televised sporting event.

Duration: 2020/11/08 - 2020/12/09 (30 days)

Ending: 13 days

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