Black Lantern Productions
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2022 - 2022 1 $87,786 USD 1,176 $75 USD
Black Lantern Productions is an indie development and publishing company of tabletop role-playing games located in Crete, Greece. We create games set in strange and beautiful worlds, fueled by passionate and dedicated people. We all fell down the rabbit hole and found out the wondrous RPG multiverse at a young age, and since then we developed a taste in consorting with the darkest parts of it.
Soulmist : A Journey from Darkness to Light
Soulmist : A Journey from Darkness to Light
A project in Heraklion, Greece by Black Lantern Productions 1 created

A Dark Fantasy Tabletop RPG World Setting. Experience the unique Erebos System, Fate Pool mechanic, unique races and more..

Duration: 2022/01/09 - 2022/02/09 (30 days)

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