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After a few years of hard work, BoomBox is ready to go public. We are a company dedicated to create and publish alternative entertainment. Our first project is a board game that we will try to finance through crowdfunding, which we will be talking about MegaMetroCity from now on. But do not be fooled, even though our company is aimed at leisure, it has a clear objective: Our dream is to turn into a gigantic corporation that deals with your destiny. Our goal lais on being able to buy politicians. And defraud millions is our hope. Ponder over it: the owners of oil, insurance and pharmaceutical companies are most likely not geeks. At least, we are. We will try hard to achieve future as seen in Blade Runner, Mad Max or My Little Pony. Thanks for your support. We will generally release brief posts: we know nowadays nobody has time to stop by and read text walls. At least, we will try to make them funny as we keep you up to date of our projects. Take a look at the banner: the Company logo is there, and soon everywhere.
Mega Metro City
Mega Metro City
A project in Móstoles, Spain by BoomBox Board Games
TabletopVideo Game ThemeFightingFantasyDiceMiniaturesCo-opPlayer EliminationSoloVariable Powers

Old School beat´em up cooperative board game for 1-4 players who want to defeat the thugs that have taken over their neighborhood.

Duration: 2019/05/14 - 2019/05/25 (10 days)

*** Cancelled ***

MegaMetroCity: miniatures Beat em Up Board Game.
MegaMetroCity: miniatures Beat'em Up Board Game.
A project in Móstoles, Spain by BoomBox Board Games

Old-school Beat'em Up Board Game.Co-operative,for 1-4 players that will try to defeat the Thugs that have taken over their neighborhood

Duration: 2018/04/23 - 2018/05/16 (22 days)

*** Cancelled ***

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