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2020 - 2020 1 $261,499 USD 3,307 $79 USD
Founded in 2000, Bragelonne is the curious story of a bunch of friends who, rich of nothing but their passion for the genre, a coffee machine and an addiction to Warcraft : Frozen Throne, became in just a handful of years the first independent publishers of fantasy fiction in French language. 6000 titles later (including The Witcher, Locke & Key, Altered Carbon, The Wheel of Time, Rick & Morty, D&D, Conan, to name but a few) it was getting a bit too serious for them, so they decided to go back to their roots and have a bit of fun. In 2019, they signed a distribution deal with Hachette Boardgame & Gigamic so as to launch a little sister company lavishly called Bragelonne Games dedicated to tabletop games of all kinds, from board games to RPG. For their 20th birthday, they’re launching their first Kickstarter with a Chtonian Tarot Deck and hope you’ll all join the cult party. Have a piece of cake and don’t feed the Tindalos Dogs, that’ll make them sick. Cheers.
Cthulhu Dark Arts Tarot
Cthulhu Dark Arts Tarot
A project in Paris, France by Bragelonne Games
TabletopHorrorCard GameCards

A complete lavish Cthulhu Mythos tarot deck!

Duration: 2020/10/28 - 2020/12/03 (35 days)

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