Burnt Island Games
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2018 - 2019 2 $795,891 USD 11,946 $67 USD
Your experience playing a game is multi-dimensional. That is why Burnt Island Games are innovative, thought provoking, and beautiful. They are engaging in play and in aesthetic. We produce mid-weight games that are easily accessible but challenging to play. Burnt Island Games is the sibling company of KTBG (Kids Table Board Gaming). Together we have successfully delivered 4 games on time and with incredible quality.
In The Hall of the Mountain King
In The Hall of the Mountain King
A project in by Burnt Island Games
TabletopFantasyArea Control

Territory denial. Cascading production. Magic & muscle. An innovative game for 2-4 trolls that is easy to learn but hides rich depths.

Duration: 2019/02/05 - 2019/03/01 (23 days)

Endeavor: Age of Sail
Endeavor: Age of Sail
A project in Toronto, Canada by Burnt Island Games

Lead an empire in the Age of Sail; make your mark on history as the maps of the world unfold! Gripping Euro strategy for 2-5 players.

Duration: 2018/01/29 - 2018/03/01 (30 days)

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