Castillo Games
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2020 - 2022 2 $36,735 USD 776 $47 USD
Castillo Games is a board game publishing company with a passion for bringing joy to thousands of people through board games! It was founded by Bryce in March of 2020 in Madison, WI. Our vision is to provide jobs to people, create great board games and make the world a more fun and beautiful place!
Guns or Treasure 🦜
Guns or Treasure 🦜
A project in Madison, WI by Castillo Games 2 created
TabletopAdventureCard GamePartyCardsBluffingTake ThatVariable Powers

A speedy game of bluffing & buccaneering for the Pirate Captain in all of us! Competitive, compact, & welcoming to players of all ages.

Duration: 2022/08/02 - 2022/09/02 (30 days)

Ending: 18 days

Today's Backers: +7

Last Updated: 55 min

Today's Pledges: +210 USD

Rescuing Robin Hood
Rescuing Robin Hood
A project in Madison, WI by Castillo Games 2 created
TabletopSoloCo-opMedievalRPGFamily/KidsVariable Powers

A collaborative family game with an excellent depth of strategy set in a beautiful world we know and love!

Duration: 2020/11/10 - 2020/12/04 (23 days)

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