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Hello! I'm Catilus and I love to draw. It has been my dream since I was little to be able to make amazing art for everyone to enjoy! What I love best is drawing characters, including original concepts, and D&D heroes. It is one of the best feelings in the world to help others see their favorite characters come to life and it is what I feel I am meant to do. I've drawn tons of fantasy and scifi characters (including my own webtoon!), hundreds of D&D items, maps, NPCs etc, several D&D supplements, and more! Thank for for taking the time to check out my work!
Cute Creatures Compendium, by Catilus
Cute Creatures Compendium, by Catilus
A project in Athens, Greece by Catilus 1 created

An Assortment of Adorable Critters for Dungeons and Dragons 5e – Stat Blocks, Lore, Illustrations for Each Creature, and More

Duration: 2022/07/25 - 2022/08/25 (30 days)

Ending: 11 days

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