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2021 - 2021 1 $352,678 USD 1,129 $312 USD
Creature Caster strives to build dynamic and engaging worlds where we can all share immersive experiences and unleash our imaginations. We have brought together a team of incredibly creative, talented, and hard-working individuals who explore the realm of dreams and nightmares and then bring them into existence. Please join us in our adventure!
Judgement: Eternal Champions
Judgement: Eternal Champions
A project in Kelowna, Canada by Creature Caster 1 created

Competitive tabletop game for 2 players. Beautifully detailed miniatures. An intuitive feel, combined with tons of strategic depth.

Duration: 2021/04/27 - 2021/05/26 (28 days)

Ending: 12 days

Today's Backers: -2

Last Updated: 24 min

Today's Pledges: -1,320 CAD

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