Curious Correspondence
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2022 - 2022 1 $536,519 USD 5,338 $101 USD
Curious Correspondence is a small but incredibly passionate studio of storytellers, puzzle-makers and designers. We have a single mission; to deliver an arresting escape from the mundane to your mailbox, affordably. We make escape room adventure games, think Sherlock Holmes meets Indiana Jones; uncover clues, crack codes and solve puzzles that challenge you, your family and friends.
Doomensions: Pop-Up Mystery Manor
Doomensions: Pop-Up Mystery Manor
A project in Toronto, Canada by Curious Correspondence 1 created

Solve an immersive, 3D pop-up escape room in a box! From the devious minds behind Curious Correspondence and Mysterious Package Company

Duration: 2022/08/08 - 2022/09/08 (30 days)

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