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2019 - 2019 1 $2,145 USD 102 $21 USD
D-Verse Publishing, LLC was founded by Jason Goike and J. Scott Rumptz in 2017 with the intention of creating high quality games with nostalgic roots. They began work on “NEXUS”, their debut title, as childhood friends in the late 80’s. Growing up in Detroit on a steady diet of RPGs and board games, Jay and Scott are now bringing talented artists together from across the globe to create vibrant, immersive and imagination driven game worlds. Nexus is the first of many planned projects to come from D-Verse Publishing
Attribute Dice
Attribute Dice
A project in Memphis, TN by D-Verse Publishing, LLC

Great for randomizing effects, creating unique mini-games and enriching the story telling aspects of TTRPGs through narrative cues.

Duration: 2019/07/29 - 2019/08/13 (14 days)

D-Verse NEXUS Tabletop Game
D-Verse NEXUS Tabletop Game
A project in Memphis, TN by D-Verse Publishing, LLC

A miniature-based, 1 v 1 arena combat game where the arena is trying to kill you both. “A nasty game made by nasty people.”

Duration: 2018/07/31 - 2018/08/25 (24 days)

*** Cancelled ***

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