DeepDark Designs Ltd
ActivityProjectsRevenuePledgesAvg. PledgeLinks
2016 - 2019 2 $10,106 USD 241 $42 USD
Est 2015, DeepDark Designs LTD is a game design studio and publishing house that writes adventures and rules supplements for your favourite tabletop roleplaying games.
Thunder of the Thorn | D&D 5th Edition Adventure
Thunder of the Thorn | D&D 5th Edition Adventure
A project in Hertfordshire, UK by DeepDark Designs Ltd

Fight off mutants, monsters and... magnolias(⁉️) as you descend into darkness in this thrilling level 1-5 adventure module for D&D 5e

Duration: 2019/03/15 - 2019/04/01 (16 days)

Legendary Adventures 5e
Legendary Adventures 5e
A project in by DeepDark Designs Ltd

Legendary Adventures for 5th edition, everything you need to go beyond the ordinary and take your tabletop gaming to the next level!

End Date: 2016/01/05

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