Devin Miner - Miner Games LLC
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2022 - 2022 1 $508,975 USD 810 $628 USD
I am Devin Miner, owner of Miner Games LLC. and have been developing and testing interactions and mechanics of gameplay for 9 years+, mostly working on it as a side project. As a lifetime player and collector of cardboard rectangles, I bring experience of what people want from a game. Easy gameplay, high mastery level learning curve, insane chases when opening packs, and a true feeling of collectability and exclusivity. Maelstrom TCG is the full visual rebranding of Final Redemption TCG. Please refer to for the official rebranding statement. Also check out
Maelstrom TCG
Maelstrom TCG
A project in Beaverton, OR by Devin Miner - Miner Games LLC 1 created
TabletopCard GameCards

Build, prepare, and battle an army of 9 creatures against your opponent. Location and Combat cards add extra random aspects to clashing

Duration: 2022/01/13 - 2022/02/13 (30 days)

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