Dirty Rascal Games
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2022 - 2022 1 $122,872 USD 1,945 $63 USD
We are a small family run game design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Our team has a 20 year history of providing illustration and design services to some of the biggest names in games. At Dirty Rascal Games we are all about epic adventures set in vibrant worlds, challenging your rivals with clever strategy and laying the smack down on your friends and family.   We’re fun, funky, and a little bit spunky!
Survival of the Fattest
Survival of the Fattest
A project in Melbourne, AU by Dirty Rascal Games 1 created
TabletopCard GameAnimalsFantasyCardsMiniaturesHand ManagementSet CollectionVariable PowersWorker Placement

Foraging fun for 2-4 critters using action selection, hand management and unique abilities to survive the winter!

Duration: 2022/10/23 - 2022/11/24 (31 days)

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