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2019 - 2019 1 $2,001,007 USD 16,549 $121 USD
Friends got me into tabletop gaming just recently, and it helped me build a life with a sense of community and as cheesy as it sounds, gave me somewhere to belong. As a way to contribute back to the fandom creatively, I started Dispel Dice. The dice I wanted to use just… didn’t exist. If I wanted the kind of dice I was imagining, I realized I should try making them myself. This (somewhat obsessive) hobby slowly turned into what Dispel Dice has become today. Since then, it’s grown more than I could have possibly imagined, it went from a hobby to a full-blown company reaching its inception with a fairly notable following before our crowdfunding campaign has even kicked off.
Dispel Dice Debut Collection With Sharp Edges & Inclusions
Dispel Dice Debut Collection With Sharp Edges & Inclusions
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Dispel Dice

Handcrafted designer dice sets with sharp edges and beautiful inclusions for the aesthetic conscious tabletop RPG player. #RecognizeKSR

Duration: 2019/11/06 - 2019/12/09 (32 days)

Ending: 25 days

Today's Backers: +169

Last Updated: 23 min

Today's Pledges: +17,156 USD

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