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2023 - 2023 1 $176,379 USD 1,198 $147 USD
Mage Noir was born from the minds of 2 passionate game designers. Quickly joined by 10 talented artists, the Mage Noir team’s aim is to build an entire high-quality franchise that they plan to develop for as long as they can. Their main objective is to make their games as great as possible. They are confident that listening to the community, having lofty ambitions and putting quality above all else will ensure that their projects provide the best game experiences in all circumstances.
Mage Noir - Now it Begins
Mage Noir - Now it Begins
A project in Rennes, France by Double Combo Games 1 created
TabletopCard GameFantasyCardsHand Management

Card game with a shared mana pool and clever combos. 6 new expansions, new languages, playmats and other surprises!

Duration: 2023/01/22 - 2023/02/06 (14 days)

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