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2020 - 2020 1 $111,254 USD 1,557 $71 USD
Dr. Tabletop was born by merging the mindsets of solving overlooked challenges and making them perform to the highest standards. Our aim is to refine every product and to make it simple and easy to use. With each product we develop, we aim to inspire new ways of enjoying the hobby we all love. We are inventors, artists, gamers, and animal lovers finding our way to express our creativity with you.
DropTop by DrTabletop
DropTop by DrTabletop
A project in Phoenix, AZ by DrTabletop

A dropper top adapter for CitadelĀ© model paints. The answer to making great paints more user-friendly, efficient and less messy!

Duration: 2019/12/29 - 2020/02/27 (59 days)

Ending: 35 days

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