Eli Mamane
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2019 - 2019 1 $3,233 USD 65 $50 USD
Eli Mamane is a board game designer who has been working with Meeple City Games to produce some of the freshest board games out on the market today. Vector Wars is the first in a series of board games coming from this talented designer. His history with teaching Math and Physics gives him an interesting perspective on puzzles and board games.
Vector Wars
Vector Wars
A project in by Eli Mamane
TabletopSci-fiDiceVariable Powers

A 2-player strategical area domination board game where two teams battle it out to become the champions of the Vector Wars.

Duration: 2019/10/19 - 2019/11/19 (30 days)

Ending: 10 hours

Today's Backers: +4

Last Updated: 25 min

Today's Pledges: +184 GBP

Vector Wars
Vector Wars
A project in London, UK by Eli Mamane
TabletopSci-fiDiceArea ControlVariable Powers

2-player area domination strategy board game where two teams battle it out to be the champions of the grid.

Duration: 2019/07/08 - 2019/08/08 (30 days)

*** Cancelled ***

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