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We love Tabletop RPG’s! We’ve played them since we were just wee lads, just like those four kids on Stranger Things. 3D terrain didn’t exist yet, so we played with pencils and graph paper. Bryan’s wizard was a literal square penciled in on some paper. The Theater of the Mind was just the beginning - they needed to get it into reality. Epoch Tiles is that reality. It’s giving players & GM’s infinite possibilities packed into each moment of their game. They want 3D terrain to give maximum fun for all TTRPG players, whether in a single-night campaign or a years-long Epoch.
Epoch Tiles | Magnetic, Flippable TTRPG Tiles and Terrain
Epoch Tiles | Magnetic, Flippable TTRPG Tiles and Terrain
A project in Orem, UT by Epoch Possibilities 1 created

Quickly elevate your DnD, TTRPG, or boardgame gameplay experience with Epoch's patent-pending, double-sided magnetic terrain tiles.

Duration: 2022/01/10 - 2022/02/25 (45 days)

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