Erin Simpson
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2018 - 2018 1 $7,638 USD 96 $80 USD
Hello, I’m Erin. Originally from Melbourne (Australia), after spending 10 glorious years in London, I am now also officially a subject of dear Liz. Whilst in London I’ve had the chance to experience the best life has to offer. I’ve had a truly dazzling decade! A selection of my most memorable experiences include understanding first hand what “I’d rather be at the Dorchester” means, Duke’s martini sipping, The Ledbury truffle toast, rambling in the Cotswold, mastering St. John’s doughnuts and a very lucky Glastonbury ticket. I've traded a rental agreement for a suitcase! I am currently experiencing the best Europe has to offer, staying for 2-3 months at a time in one home through Airbnb hosts. I began with Lyon, am now in Seville, and next is Toulouse.
Lucky Dip Cards. The experience game for an exceptional yr
Lucky Dip Cards. The experience game for an exceptional yr
A project in London, UK by Erin Simpson
TabletopCard GameCards

Try new things, be more social, learn and connect in 2019! What will the cards have in store for you next? Pick an envelope to reveal..

Duration: 2018/09/16 - 2018/10/16 (29 days)

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