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2022 - 2022 1 $1,356 USD 316 $4 USD
I sculpt exclusively Fantasy Theme and game play pieces. Mostly architectural pieces but also occasionally sets of minis to go with them. I sculpt and play in 28mm scale. All of my sculpts are done by hand and not just applied textures so they can be scaled to suit any game play needs without losing details. I'm passionate about both fdm and resin printing ! I have a couple of both types of printers. For design I like to use Maya and Z Brush. I started in Blender but changed softwares a couple years ago. Renders usually done using Keyshot.
Fantasy House - Pay What You Want
Fantasy House - Pay What You Want
A project in Ottawa, Canada by FantasyDesigns 1 created

Fantasy Terrain, 3D Printable STL Files, Terrain for Tabletop, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG

Duration: 2022/01/13 - 2022/02/13 (30 days)

Ending: 23 days

Today's Backers: +7

Last Updated: 23 min

Today's Pledges: +50 CAD

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