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2021 - 2021 1 $317,462 USD 2,853 $111 USD
Farside Games is a board game studio. The company was created by a group of experience and passionate team members with vast experience on games and toys production. Our first project is the tabletop adaptation of the popular mobile game "Epic Seven" by Smilegate Megaport. Farside Games focusing on tabletop adaptations of video games and original IP. What we strive for in our work is not only to make an accurate adaptation but to add extra layers that can only experience on tabletop.
Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game
Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game
A project in Hong Kong, Hong Kong by Farside Games
TabletopAdventureRPGFantasyVideo Game ThemeMiniaturesCard DraftingCo-opSolo

Play as the heir of the covenant to put a stop to this endless cycle of destruction.

Duration: 2021/01/12 - 2021/02/01 (19 days)

Ending: 8 days

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