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2017 - 2019 2 $45,424 USD 1,775 $26 USD
We are an independent tabletop game company located in Salem, MA. What started as a half-joking text quickly became a real thing. Now we are just bubbling over with ideas to share with the world.
A project in Salem, MA by Fidget Creative
TabletopFantasyCard GameFightingMythologyCards

Chug a horn of mead, don your helm and prepare for battle in this quick paced 2-6 player game of hoofticufs.

Duration: 2019/03/29 - 2019/04/29 (30 days)

Clubhouse Defense Squad
Clubhouse Defense Squad
A project in Salem, MA by Fidget Creative
TabletopCo-opFamily/KidsCard GameSolo

A 1-6 player cooperative, deck building, tower defense and strategy game where kids defend their clubhouse from treacherous monsters!

Duration: 2018/04/29 - 2018/05/30 (30 days)

*** Cancelled ***

Red Scare Redux - A Competitive Card Game
Red Scare Redux - A Competitive Card Game
A project in by Fidget Creative

A spy-themed, team-focused, competitive card game where you race to complete high value objectives and conquer your ideological foes.

End Date: 2017/04/05

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