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2013 - 2019 2 $20,071 USD 318 $63 USD
Flying NightBear Games was started by a passionate group of family and friends who had grown up playing Beyonder around our Dining Room table (with snack breaks). While it all began as a way to bring our family together around the table, it's turned into much more.
Heola: The Starborn
Heola: The Starborn
A project in Philadelphia, PA by FNBGames 2 created

Wise as the sands; powerful as the stars; mysterious as the desert. The heola begin a deeper journey into Beyonder, a low-fantasy RPG.

Duration: 2019/05/21 - 2019/06/21 (30 days)

*** Cancelled ***

Beyonder RPG: Imagine With Us
Beyonder RPG: Imagine With Us
A project in Elkins Park, PA by FNBGames 2 created

Ten Races, Six Energies, and one living, breathing world to explore. Create your custom character and tell your story!

Duration: 2013/09/05 - 2013/10/06 (30 days)

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