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2018 - 2019 2 $29,252 USD 764 $38 USD
Hello, thank you for taking the time to check out my profile, hopefully that means that my project has caught your interest in some way, shape, or form. I am the manager and designer of FunDaMental Games, a new game design and production company I launched in May 2018 to begin a journey into professional development of one of my favorite hobbies. I have been actively gaming for over 20 years amongst many different styles of games. MTG, DnD, MMORPGs online, and of course traditional tabletop boardgaming. I love where the tabletop game hobby has moved to over the past ten years and want to be a part of its continued evolution in the coming years. If you take the time, and provide the funding, to support my projects I will do my best to provide fun, strategic, and memorable games for you and your gaming groups. I plan to stay actively involved in any KS project comments/discussions, as well as many social media outlets. I believe that player and backer feedback is critical to improving game mechanics and quality. When I'm not working, or game designing my time is spent with my family. We love boardgames and hiking in the mountains. I look forward to the discussions we have and the projects we help create together! - Wes -
Legends of Novus
Legends of Novus
A project in Calgary, Canada by FunDaMental Games
TabletopAdventureCard GameFantasyMedievalCardsDiceSoloVariable Powers

Experience a new style of fantasy adventure boardgaming! For 1-5 players, full of stunning original fantasy art! ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Duration: 2019/06/24 - 2019/07/12 (17 days)

Legends of Novus, a tabletop fantasy adventure board game!
Legends of Novus, a tabletop fantasy adventure board game!
A project in Olds, Canada by FunDaMental Games

Exciting, non-campaign style Fantasy Adventure Game for 2-5 players, and Solo play. With card based equipment, open world explorations.

Duration: 2019/02/18 - 2019/03/21 (30 days)

*** Cancelled ***

Duel of the Dragons
Duel of the Dragons
A project in Olds, Canada by FunDaMental Games
TabletopCardsFantasyCard GameSolo

Become a powerful dragon in this 2 player or Solo card game with strategic methods of combat and card playing to battle your opponent.

Duration: 2018/09/13 - 2018/09/28 (14 days)

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