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2016 - 2020 5 $1,233,365 USD 14,447 $85 USD
Game Brewer is a board game publishing company that focusses on publishing high-quality board & card games, like Gùgōng, Fuji Koro, Gentes, Pixie Queen and Chimera Station. Game Brewer employs 7 people and has offices in Belgium (Europe) and in Utah (USA). We develop our own games and acquire licenses of games we think comply to our standards.
A project in Farmington, UT by Game Brewer

A unique medium-heavy eurogame by Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling

Duration: 2020/03/16 - 2020/04/03 (17 days)

Throne of Allegoria: the Queen s edition
Throne of Allegoria: the Queen's edition
A project in Farmington, UT by Game Brewer
TabletopFantasyMedievalVariable PowersWorker Placement

A revised language-independent edition of this exciting interactive Spielworxx eurogame for 2-4 players.

Duration: 2020/01/05 - 2020/01/31 (25 days)

*** Cancelled ***

Gùgōng: Pànjūn Deluxe Expansion
Gùgōng: Pànjūn Deluxe Expansion
A project in Farmington, UT by Game Brewer
TabletopExpansion for Base - GameMedievalCivilizationHand ManagementSet CollectionSoloWorker Placement

Gùgōng: Pànjūn: 4 expansion modules in 1 box of this 2018 hit! Designed by Andreas Steding with art from Andreas Resch.

Duration: 2019/09/02 - 2019/09/20 (17 days)

Fuji Koro Deluxe
Fuji Koro Deluxe
A project in Turnhout, Belgium by Game Brewer

An exciting adventure miniature game with euro style gameplay elements, with a competitive and cooperative mode (1-6 players).

Duration: 2019/03/24 - 2019/04/19 (25 days)

The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
A project in Turnhout, Belgium by Game Brewer

Game Brewer & Tasty Minstrel Games bring to you "the Forbidden City", by Andreas Steding, in a Kickstarter limited Deluxe Edition.

Duration: 2018/04/30 - 2018/05/25 (24 days)

Pixie Queen
Pixie Queen
A project in by Game Brewer

A worker placement game with a unique twist. Offer the tyrant Queen what she wants or suffer her wrath!

End Date: 2016/10/20

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