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I have been a gamer since high school so that dates me a bit. During my days of raising a family and owning a successful computer company, my gaming took a back seat until 15 years ago. We started buying the Days of Wonders games at Christmas as our children were able to engage more. This led us to our first GenCon 5 years ago, which in turn set the wheels turning about a nice, personal game table. My family and I have enjoyed the experience of gaming on an amazing, stationary, custom table my father built that I designed. This made me think, "I bet there are a lot of people that don't have a dedicated space for gaming, but would like the experience these high end tables offer." So, I made a portable gaming top to take to my daughter's home to play games in style. BOOM! Game Toppers was birthed. I believe that my business background coupled with the perspective of being very active in the gaming hobby has positioned us to do something that will be very special for many people; upgrading their gaming experience with every game they play with Game Toppers.
Game Toppers 2.0 - The Ultimate Gaming Accessory
Game Toppers 2.0 - The Ultimate Gaming Accessory
A project in Fergus Falls, MN by Game Toppers LLC

Upgrading your gaming experience with Quality, Affordable, Portable Game Toppers with Thematic Game Mats & Accessories.

Duration: 2019/06/24 - 2019/07/25 (30 days)

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