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2022 - 2022 1 $109,261 USD 209 $523 USD
I have worked in the marketing and sales field for over 20 years working with companies like Samsung, Nintendo, LG, and many more. I have also been an avid collector and card game player since the 1980's. My leadership skills and ability to understand modern day marketing practices has allowed be to be successful in all of my previous positions and now as CEO and creator of Titan I hope to do the same.
Titan - Pantheon of the Gods Trading Card Game
Titan - Pantheon of the Gods Trading Card Game
A project in San Francisco, CA by Gamezoo 1 created
TabletopCard GameCards

Titan TCG - Pantheon of the Gods - Features Greek Gods, Beasts, Champions, and more in this action intense TCG.

Duration: 2021/12/19 - 2022/01/19 (30 days)

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