Greenbrier Games INC
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2015 - 2020 10 $2,093,126 USD 18,579 $113 USD
Founded in 2011, Greenbrier Games is a Massachusetts based group of game developers. Since their start they have successfully published Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice, Folklore: The Affliction, Champions of Hara, Of Dreams and Shadows, and more. The team at Greenbrier Games, led by Jeff Gracia and Julie Ahern, includes game industry talents in design, development, miniatures, and business. They create beautifully themed games, rich in narrative, that are fun to play.
Ninja Dice: Kage Masters
Ninja Dice: Kage Masters
A project in by Greenbrier Games INC

A new expansion that adds playable characters and special abilities to Ninja Dice; a push-your-luck dice game.

End Date: 2015/03/27

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