Guy Sclanders
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2019 - 2019 1 $377,255 USD 540 $699 USD
Guy is the host of the YouTube series How the be a Great Game Master, as well as the Dungeons and Dragon LIVE stream - Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and now Descent into Avernus. He's written a few books in a past, all about RPGs.
A complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns
A complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns
A project in Tokyo, Japan by Guy Sclanders

A 5th Edition compatible RPG book over 140 pages covering improved ship combat rules, contains over 27 unique ships, and so much more!

Duration: 2019/09/30 - 2019/10/31 (30 days)

Ending: 9 days

Today's Backers: +9

Last Updated: 24 min

Today's Pledges: +30,200 CNY

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