Gyrating Hamsters LLC
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2017 - 2019 2 $46,999 USD 1,105 $43 USD
Gyrating Hamsters was created by a group of friends with a passion for games just like you!
Monkey The Card Game
Monkey The Card Game
A project in Grand Rapids, MI by Gyrating Hamsters LLC
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Monkey is a cunning card game for 1-5 players. Fight off Kurgill the magical wizard as you race to become King of the Jungle!

Duration: 2019/05/13 - 2019/06/13 (30 days)

Gyrating Hamsters
Gyrating Hamsters
A project in by Gyrating Hamsters LLC

Grow your Hamster Horde faster than your opponents and battle your way to victory in this fast-paced, highly interactive card game.

End Date: 2017/06/12

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