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2021 - 2023 2 $97,314 USD 2,659 $37 USD
We are a small independent publisher from Germany and already fulfilled 2 Kickstarter projects. Hodari Spiele was founded in 2017 by now husband and wife David & Lisa Rimbach. Please support our vision of awesome, fun and diversified games. A fantastic player experience is the most important thing for us.
Roll for Great Old Ones - A Roll & Write Game
Roll for Great Old Ones - A Roll & Write Game
A project in Immenhausen, Germany by Hodari Spiele 2 created

A cooperative adventure into monsters, myth and madness for 1 to 4 investigators against ancient evil powers.

Duration: 2023/01/23 - 2023/02/07 (14 days)

Ending: 13 hours

Today's Backers: +233

Last Updated: 54 min

Today's Pledges: +4,616 EUR

A project in Kassel, Germany by Hodari Spiele 2 created
TabletopAdventureCard GameEconomicCardsCard DraftingTake ThatWorker Placement

Don't be fooled by Wutakis cute looks! It's a cutthroat and highly interactive worker placement game!

Duration: 2021/02/22 - 2021/03/17 (22 days)

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