Homestar Runner
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2018 - 2018 1 $1,335,888 USD 22,040 $61 USD
Mike and Matt Chapman have been making cartoons on the internet with their dumb animal characters since 2000. Sometimes they make cartoons not on the internet but mostly that's been a terrible idea. This is their first foray into boardgamery and they're happy to have the help of gaming veteran James Ernest from Cheapass Games to make sure this game doesn't suck.
Trogdor!! The Board Game
Trogdor!! The Board Game
A project in Atlanta, GA by Homestar Runner

Help the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor burninate the countryside in this cooperative game of burnination, majesty, and consummate V's!!

Duration: 2018/07/17 - 2018/08/15 (29 days)

Ending: 13 hours

Today's Backers: +362

Last Updated: 22 min

Today's Pledges: +21,654 USD

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