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2020 - 2020 3 $1,293,116 USD 19,292 $67 USD
Horrible Guild (formerly known as Horrible Games) is an Italian board game publisher. To make our games stand out from the crowd, we always experiment with new gameplay mechanics, or sometimes we apply an unexpected twist to old, well-proven ones, in a strive for originality and uniqueness. We also carefully craft a refined visual style, different for each game, to better convey the mood and feel we want the players to experience. We also tend to put a lot of silly, stupid things in our games, just because they make us laugh (and we hope some or our players will laugh, too). But always and foremost, no matter which kind of game or genre we decide to tinker with, Horrible Guild is about simple, pure, unbridled fun, for everyone. Our catalog includes Potion Explosion, Railroad Ink, Dragon Castle, The King's Dilemma, Similo, and more.
Dungeon Fighter
Dungeon Fighter
A project in Milan, Italy by Horrible Guild
TabletopExpansion for Base - GameMulti-Items ProjectFantasyFightingDiceCard DraftingExplorationSoloVariable Powers

A cooperative dexterity game for 1-6 players where you throw dice at a target in whimsical ways to defeat monsters in a deadly dungeon!

Duration: 2020/09/28 - 2020/10/20 (21 days)

Ending: 19 hours

Today's Backers: +334

Last Updated: 177 sec

Today's Pledges: +29,077 EUR

Railroad Ink Challenge
Railroad Ink Challenge
A project in Milan, Italy by Horrible Guild

A quick playing roll and write game for 1-4 players with a focus on player interaction, from the creators of the original Railroad Ink.

Duration: 2020/05/11 - 2020/06/03 (22 days)

Vampire: The Masquerade - Vendetta
Vampire: The Masquerade - Vendetta
A project in Milan, Italy by Horrible Guild
TabletopCard GameHorrorBluffingHand ManagementTake ThatVariable Powers

A competitive card game where you fight to conquer the role of Prince of Chicago as one of the vampire Clans of the Camarilla!

Duration: 2020/03/09 - 2020/03/25 (15 days)

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