Hunter Angell (Nostalgix TCG)
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2022 - 2022 1 $869,110 USD 1,928 $451 USD
Nostalgix is the culmination of decades of trading card game experience from industry veterans. By blending our favorite mechanics from the long history of classic card games and introducing several more unique to Nostalgix we have created a game that feels familiar yet fresh. We hope you enjoy this labor of love, created by players just like you.
Nostalgix Trading Card Game
Nostalgix Trading Card Game
A project in Eau Claire, WI by Hunter Angell (Nostalgix TCG) 1 created
TabletopCard GameCards

A multiverse spanning TCG where YOU are the hero.

Duration: 2021/11/14 - 2022/01/02 (48 days)

Ending: 28 days

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