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2016 - 2019 2 $849,488 USD 4,532 $187 USD
Infivention Technologies is a tech start-up, founded in 2015 by Bhavya Gohil and Aatur Mehta, that’s connecting the world, and taking it off-screen, through smart and evolved board games. Their vision is to innovate and create technology that revolutionizes the way we are used to playing board games. Their first campaign in 2016 - which was fully funded in just 6 hours - featured the world’s smartest chessboard, Square Off, which won the Top Tech award, CES 2017, Innovation Award, CES 2018, and Innovative product, Indiegogo 2018. Now, Infivention Technologies is back with two new products - a multi-board gaming platform and an upgraded, affordable version of the pioneering smart chessboard with an aim to create the next generation of board gaming that appeals to every type of gamer.
Square Off NEO & SWAP | Board Games Powered by Robotics & AI
Square Off NEO & SWAP | Board Games Powered by Robotics & AI
A project in Newark, DE by InfiVention Technologies

Play off screen with two globally connected, automated, affordable boards with multiple games and a built-in coach.

Duration: 2019/10/22 - 2019/11/21 (29 days)

Square Off - World’s Smartest Chess Board
Square Off - World’s Smartest Chess Board
A project in by InfiVention Technologies

Challenge any online opponent across the globe or play against the artificial intelligence on this automated chess board.

End Date: 2016/11/30

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