Joseph Roche
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2019 - 2019 1 $62 USD 3 $21 USD
For starters I'm a gamer, always have been since I was a toddler playing superman on my Atari(when my brother would let me). growing up playing board games with my family was what we did, and still do to this day, every time we get together we pull out the board games, I now I have an opportunity to put my game in the home gaming families. I've recently ended my military term, and now finishing my degree in Game art and design at the Art Institute. This just the beginning of the many video games and board games I will be creating.
Common Wealth, a brand new board game.
Common Wealth, a brand new board game.
A project in Kansas City, KS by Joseph Roche
TabletopPost apocalyptic

In a post apocalyptic world, race to be the richest person in the new world.

Duration: 2019/03/13 - 2019/04/13 (30 days)

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