Kelly Wells
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2013 - 2018 2 $11,838 USD 105 $113 USD
I’m Kelly Wells, and I've been creating games and challenges at a website I’ve been running since 2006 simply to entertain friends. Although "Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth" was not expressly created for that purpose, I've played it with many of them in person, and all have made music to my ears by saying "Let's play again." My artist on the project is Tim Schutz. He creates art for a company that creates e-learnings for a number of companies, and some of his work, in addition to what you see on the page, can be found on Instagram at @timschutz.
Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth
Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth
A project in Eagan, MN by Kelly Wells 2 created

A strategic tabletop game where circus performers fight off an invading horde of zombies.

Duration: 2018/09/17 - 2018/10/18 (30 days)

Fall, Caesar - an Elimination Card Game
Fall, Caesar - an Elimination Card Game
A project in Phoenix, AZ by Kelly Wells 2 created
TabletopCard GamePartyAncientCardsPlayer EliminationVoting

Get down and dirty with the biggest figures in ancient Rome. Make allies of your friends, and betray them before they betray you.

Duration: 2013/09/08 - 2013/10/09 (30 days)

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