Kevin Crawford
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2012 - 2019 7 $355,068 USD 9,474 $37 USD
Writing as the one-man outfit that is Sine Nomine Publishing, I've authored more than three dozen old-school role-playing games or supplements within the past ten years, starting with the award-winning free sci-fi game Stars Without Number, its sister games Other Dust for post-apocalyptic play, and Silent Legions for Lovecraftian horror. I've also created the African-inspired fantasy RPG Spears of the Dawn and the one PC-one GM game of heroic OSR adventure, Scarlet Heroes. Supplements for SWN have included Skyward Steel for naval campaigns, Suns of Gold for mercantile campaigns, Darkness Visible for espionage scenarios, the cybernetic worldbook supplement Polychrome and the adventure module Hard Light. In addition to these products, numerous free mini-supplements for SWN have been issued in the Mandate Archive line available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow. Fantasy enthusiasts of Labyrinth Lord have enjoyed my campaign setting and sandbox toolkit Red Tide, with equally LL-compatible mass combat and domain rules provided in An Echo, Resounding, and alternate classes and campaign support for magic-users offered in the Crimson Pandect. In other words, I write a lot of games, and people tend to like them a lot.
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