Legends of Signum
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2018 - 2019 2 $170,941 USD 910 $188 USD
We are SignumGame, a company that have been producing high-quality miniatures for the past 8 years that we've been in the market. As of today our very first Kickstarter project "Legends of Signum" has been officially released. Our work concerns not only the production of miniatures and game development, but also deliveries around the world. We are now familiar with the entire process of producing a printed game, and are quite of confident that we will not run into any issues.
Dragon Hunters
Dragon Hunters
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Legends of Signum
TabletopAdventureCard GameFantasyDiceCo-opDeck BuildingHand ManagementPlayer EliminationSoloVariable Powers

Follow fearless adventurers in their attempt to steal from a Dragon’s hoard or incinerate the intruders as the Dragon itself.

Duration: 2019/08/20 - 2019/09/13 (23 days)

Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor
Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Legends of Signum
TabletopFantasyWargameStrategyCard GameMiniatures

Legends of Signum is a wargame with miniatures and a collectible card game in one box.

Duration: 2018/05/28 - 2018/07/06 (38 days)

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